Water Rescue By FDNY Engine 10 Firefighter

Team Tillman

FF Dave Cirillo, FDNY Engine 10 receives a Class A certification award for bravery in a water rescue

Original Call: 10/1/07, 0255 hours, Box 0019, Person in Water

Water Rescue by Dave Cirillo, FDNY Engine 10

Dave Cirillo

Last night Dave Cirillo of Engine 10 made a water rescue.  Dave, was the backup man on the 1st Due hoseline for the Deutsche Bank fire and narrowly made it out alive.  Here is the story as relayed from Kenny Ruane, FDNY Engine 10, a 37 year FDNY veteran, who was on the run:

Engine 10/Ladder 10 responded to the call. Engine 10 made a left out of quarters and got there 1st. The woman was in the water about 100'-150' off the shore of Wagner Park, located between Pier A and the Jewish History Museum.

Dave, a swimmer in High School (he swam the 50 & 100 freestyle) put on a life vest and took off into the water even before they could attach a rope to him. As he got near the woman he was unable to see her and thought she might have gone under. The members on shore were able to see her and told her to splash so that Dave could zero in on her. They directed him to her. By the time that Dave made contact with the woman she was closer to 300' offshore.


Luckily, Dave was able to reach her before she got into the racing current of the Hudson River.

As he approached she was stating that she was tired and didn't think she could continue. Dave let her know he was there to help and to remain calm. He reassured her of this as he got hold of her.

Marine 1 was racing into the scene and did not see Dave or the victim. The Officers of Engine 10 & Ladder 10, Lt Kaiser (covering) & Lt. Collins, respectively, warned Marine 1 that they were nearly on top off Dave & the victim. As the Marine 1 throttled back and stopped they sent a wave of water rushing over the two. They went under but surfaced quickly.

Dave managed to maintain control of the victim despite having nothing to secure her with. It is common for rescuers to have strobe lights on them. Marine 1 was looking for this and that is why they did not see Dave. They pulled Dave & the victim on board and brought them over to the cove by the World Financial Center to rendezvous with the ambulance.  Dave injured his shoulder during the rescue.

Water Rescue Engine 10

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