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Ten Engine . 2013 to Present:

2013 2000 gpm 2-Stage Seagrave High Pressure Pumper SP 13001H.

Ten Engine . 2002 to 2013:

2001 1000/500 HP Seagrave High Pressure Pumper SP 01007H.

The company and FDNY logos could be found on FDNY Engine 10 as well as a tribute to 9-11-01. A message of support was shown across the front windshield "WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS".  It cost about $370,000.

Ten Truck . 2013 to Present:

2013 Ferrara 100' Rear Mount Aerial FL 13002.

Ten Truck . 2002 to 2013:

2001 Seagrave 100' Rear Mount Aerial SL 01023.

This Ladder 10 was a rear-mount aerial fire truck designed by Seagrave Fire Apparatus to FDNY specifications. It cost about $550,000. It had two rear down-and-out stabilizers, an 8kw hydraulic generator to provide A/C power to lights or tools, a 370 horsepower Detroit Series 60 engine and a cab and body of corrosion-resistant steel. It was equipped with FDNY recessed door handles.



Length: 448 inches; Height: 130 inches; Width: 94; inches; Weight: (without firefighter gear) 60,000 pounds; Ladder length: 100 feet; Tip load: (safe weight at ladder end) 250 pounds.

On September 11, 2001, the 1994 Seagrave 100 foot rear-mount aerial was destroyed.  When Ladder Company 10 re-entered service on February 19, 2002, the rig was a second-hand 1989 Seagrave 100 foot rearmount (SL8905), that had originally been assigned to Ladder Company 61. This was replaced on March 28, 2002, by the Seagrave 100' Aerial. 

This particular rearmount was the only one in the FDNY fleet, with the distinctive murals painted on its sides. The 23-foot illustrated mural, designed and donated by Seagrave employees, and similar to the 911 memorial flag-raising image, was applied to both sides of the body to depict a front view of the flag raising on the driver side, and the back view on the officer side.

It was one of twenty-five 2001 Seagrave 100 foot rearmounts, delivered in late 2001 and early 2002. The "Ten Truck" carried FDNY registration number SL01023 and Seagrave chassis number 75776.