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A Visit to the World Trade Center Site, April 2002

This venture started with a visit to New York City and the World Trade Center site in the spring of 2002 - a very emotional experience.  As a fire buff and amateur photographer from Indiana, one of my goals was to photograph several of the New York Firehouses.  I had never heard of the Ten House before, but while watching the New York news, the story that Ladder 10 members were preparing for the new Ten Truck was being reported.  I wanted to get some pictures of the Truck with the beautiful flag mural, which I later learned had not been delivered.  Also at this time, the Ten House members were relocated and the Ten House was not accessible to the public.

Websites are a hobby and are mostly used as an educational display of interests.  After returning from New York, an internet search was conducted to find more information about Engine 10 and Ladder 10.  Several stories and information were found, but no web site for the FDNY Ten House.  With a few photos taken during the New York visit and a patch that was purchased on eBay, I put together a single web page to honor the Fallen Brothers of the Ten House.

From that single page beginning in 2002, the site was constantly changed and expanded.  I continued to follow the Ten House by searching articles on the Internet.  Several of these Internet articles are featured on the web site.  The guys had no idea who I was until 2004!

The Ten House patch showing the Fireman with one foot on the top of each of the Twin Towers with flames coming from the towers was very inspiring, and even more so that this design was adopted in 1984!  The Ten House members decided to keep this design in honor of all the guys lost.

Late in 2002, Brendan Corrigan requested that the name of his father James J. Corrigan be added to the list on this web site along with the other five Ten House members lost on 9/11.  James Corrigan was retired from Ladder 10 and helped save lives on 9/11 while employed at the WTC.

A Second Visit, May 2004

In May 2004, I was privileged to ride to New York and participate in the Firefighters New York Motorcycle Club "911" Memorial Ride on May 23 for a permanent memorial to the fallen Brothers of the Ten House. The ride was a thrill and my first visit to the Ten House where I was honored to meet some of the members.  The Members are a great bunch of guys and spent much time greeting the public.

How could it be summed any better than by Brett from Buffalo, NY as he wrote in the Ten House Guest Book on June 3, 2004:

"Just wanted to drop you guys a line. My friends and I drove down from Buffalo on Sunday, May 30 (a looooooong drive) specifically to visit the WTC site. I never knew there was a fire house that was literally across the street from Ground Zero.

So here we are standing in awe taking it all in when I notice this little fire house on Liberty Street. What's more, here are a bunch of FDNY's finest hanging out with the door open, welcoming anyone and everyone to come say "Hi", take a picture, ask questions, etc. I can only imagine how many times these guys hear the same questions over and over again, and take pictures with countless people, yet they didn't seem to mind at all.

You guys rock and I am proud to have been there!  God Bless!"  - Brett, Buffalo, NY

Many Visits Later. . .

After additional visits in 2005 to the Ten House, the website was adopted by the guys and became the official website of FDNY Ten House.  The friendship with the Ten House members gets stronger with each visit.  I have been so honored to get to know these guys and it is with deep respect that I call them friends!  This site is dedicated to the members of The Ten House, and to all FDNY firefighters.

Hopefully the website can preserve a little bit of history and inform anyone interested in the current and past activities of Engine 10 and Ladder 10 of the Fire Department of the City of New York, and very importantly, help tell the story of 9-11 for future generations.   The website has received the blessing of the City of New York.

I also want to thank you, the website visitors, for your kind words about the site and for your thoughts, concerns, and well-wishes to the members of FDNY Engine 10 and FDNY Ladder 10.  They do appreciate  it.

Jerry, the web guy & fire buff Van Buren, Indiana

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