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Memorial Motorcycle Ride to Raise Money for the Ten House Bravest Memorial:

The following article explains the ride: Originally published in the South Shore Press, May 2004 © 2004 Lally Communications dba South Shore Press

On the evening of September 10, 2001, Manorville resident Pete D'Ancona called in to his New York City firehouse to report that he had been summoned to court and could not report to work the next morning. A fellow fireman covered for D'Ancona's shift.

That fireman and four others from Engine 10/Ladder 10 of the Ten House died in the rubble of the World Trade Center that were attacked by terrorists.

For weeks following the attacks, D'Ancona searched, along with his comrades, for the fallen. And, three years later, as president of the Firefighters New York Motorcycle Club, D'Ancona wanted to do still more. Ten House sits precariously on the rim of the monstrous hole that was left after Ground Zero recovery operations were completed. The old station house suffered from the attacks. The classic building was re-built by the city - red brick replaced by sleek stainless steel.

We want a permanent memorial inside the House, D'Ancona explained. We want something that we can reflect upon now and in the future. That day and the guys who died should never be forgotten.

D'Ancona and his Suffolk County-based motorcycle club began announcing the benefit run a few months ago. Flyers were printed, the South Shore Press featured D'Ancona's mission and word spread throughout the motorcycle and firefighter communities. Last Sunday, over 2,800 motorcycles, along with more than 5,000 people, descended upon the Ten House, located at the end of Liberty Street and bordered by the Ground Zero excavation site. I just can't believe how much support we've received, D'Ancona said as he hoarsely shouted parking direction to still more late arriving bikers, some of whom traveled from as far as the west coast to attend the benefit. Bikers from Long Island alone accounted for a seven-mile stretch of Harleys, Indians and BMW motorcycles. When D'Ancona, who led the Long Island cavalcade of motorcycles, pulled up to Ten House, the tail end of the contingent was still navigating the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway far from downtown New York. In all D'Ancona said that over $28,000 was raised. Every penny is going toward a memorial, he said. I just want to thank everyone who made this possible.

The Memorial was built and dedicated November 19, 2005 and stands proudly in the Ten House as a Memorial to our lost brothers.

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Remember 9/11 Faithful Day:

To the people that I love, And the people that I know, Remember them for what they've done, And whom they left behind, I cry for the ones not here today, The ones that lost their lives, The ones we loved so dearly, That faithful day who died, I pray I make a difference, I pray that we remember, All that we had seen, And how we stood together, Our lives were changed forever, And we will never be the same, So pray for the people left behind, And the people that are gone today.

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